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United by an amateurish and mostly uneducated love for Formula 1, three everyday fans armed with a microphone are on a mission to obnoxiously share their insights and opinions with anyone that will listen. With next to no strategic or technical experience, each episode of this new, unofficial F1 podcast will digest the latest Formula One on and off-track news, controversy, characters and gossip in a bid to help break down the complexities and barriers of one of the world’s most entertaining competitions.


Whether new to the track, a know-it-all who’s seen it all (and is bored), or just an in-betweener, join Ev, Oli and Digby (the Idiots of F1) for a laugh, some gritty awkwardness and mostly some lightness in a world, and a sport, that can often take itself far too seriously.


The latest

Join your Idiots - Ev, Oli Digz - as they review all things #ITalianGP and chat everything else in between. Literally, everything.


Don't think about it, just do it.

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Join us in 'pit lane'

Offended, encouraged, interested or not in agreement with something we've said in our unofficial Formula One podcast? You won't be the first or last...


Got some topics, questions or thoughts you'd like us to cover off? Or want to join us on the show? 


Well, we've got good news - one of the best things about being an idiot is that anyone can be an idiot. Even you. Hit us up below with what you'd want to see in one our upcoming episodes, and we'll look to get you involved in one way or another. Do it. Grab your moment in the sun.

Thanks - for your sake, we hope this is worthy of conversation! ;)

What's verstappen'in?

A collation of episode recaps, extended conversation off the mic and more obnoxiousness, just written.