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Get to know a little bit more about the idiots behind this unofficial Formula One podcast.

IOF1 Idiot Ev Yellow.png


The squire.


If he could have a sir in front of his name, he'd wear it well. The Idiots' very own resident F1 expert - with the technical and strategic nous of a Christian Horner - Ev is the educated balance that exists to ensure each episode is not entirely full to the brim with nonsense.

A seriously talented musician, let the calmness and allure of Ev's magical voice drift you to F1 heaven.

Evan Lock
IOF1 Idiot Oli Yellow.png


The host.

If there were a discussion to be had, he would want to be part of it. With a self-proclaimed 'gift of the gab' - honoured with the responsibility to hold the golden microphone - Oli is the idiot hosting the Idiots. Whether it be helping avoid getting cancelled, or pouring fuel on the fire, he's unlikely to shut up when you want him to.

A sports mad marketer by day with little showbiz talent, Oli may be gone 1st season.

IOF1 Idiot Digz Yellow.png


Big red.

If this was the 80's, he would be one of the world's most iconic superstars. with guitar in hand, shirt unbuttoned. With a love for pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo - a former life as a lawyer, surely - Digz is the Idiot who will challenge the idiots, more often than not, saying what we're all... thinking.

An entertainer with a huge brain, Digz will not be sitting on the fence for... anything.

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