What to expect...

Updated: Jan 30

We're mostly going to be figuring it out and we go, sort of. Lucky we're funny. But here's the 'back of the tissue' overview we landed on when we were brainstorming over a few beers. Clearly we had too many to land at actually doing this.

The format: Facilitated conversation and debate (well, arguments) of key (the non-boring) F1 topics, on and off track - broken into key segments per episode.

The pitch: It's entertainment as opposed to technical F1 knowledge or discussion. Mostly because we know next to nothing about it (with the exception of Ev...). Guaranteed babble, obnoxiousness, entitlement, and fights. Hopefully not physical ones.

The mission: It’s about laughing at each other as much as the sport, whilst also serving a greater need to help people better engage and learn about the sport.

The proposition: People will listen to us because it fills some time in their day with laughs and engaging content. Think Drive 2 Survive, but hosted by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Less polished (and not via the F1), antagonistic, fun, laugh out loud moments. If we do our job well, people will be watching races for the first time and100th time so that they can relate and engage in our conversation and discussion.

The unofficial promise: Not only can we help grow the sport by introducing people to it through the lends of ‘entertainment’ (what a bold, unsubstantiated claim), we can also further advance its intent to further position itself as a broader media platform, bigger than just the sport on the track.

“Wow. Just wow.